Orthotic Duplicate Pair

Wear and tear happens. Most customers wear their orthotics everyday and the demands are extreme. Direct Orthotics offers a recover service that is done by our skilled technicians in our production laboratory. This process includes removing old covers, wire wheel old glue and dirt from orthotic, apply new covers and trim. Most repairs are performed and shipped within 48 hours of receiving the orthotics. Call the lab to make arrangements to do this. We recover orthotics from most all brands like:

  • Langer
  • KLM
  • Burns
  • Image Orthopedic
  • California Labs
  • Root Orthotics
  • Dr Scholl’s
  • OC Orthotic Lab Service
  • Human Designs Prosthetic and Orthotic
  • Biomechanical Devices
  • Hanger

If you send in your orthotics for repair we have a special price to have a duplicate pair made at the same time. This offer applies to orthotics made from most other companies. Some models from other can’t be duplicated by us, but this is rare.

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USD 149.00

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